The TWIM Awards 2011.

The This Week in Mentalists Awards were announced today, and the Not So Big Society got given a shiny thing.


Runner Up: Best Social Work Blog

Gotta love that little smiley in a strait-jacket.

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Vote in the 2011 This Week in Mentalists Awards

Back when I was running Mental Nurse, I set up the This Week in Mentalists Awards, an annual online event to celebrate the best of mental health blogging.

Mental Nurse may be no more, but the TWIM Awards are still happening, and you can all nominate your favourite mental health blogs, whether by patients, professionals, carers or academics.

Go here to cast your nominations.

This Not So Big Society in Mentalists

This Week in Mentalists is a weekly digest of the best of mental health blogging. It was originally started on the now-defunct Mental Nurse website, but is now on its own dedicated blog.

Each week a different blogger takes it in turns to compile an edition. This week’s edition is by….oh wait, it’s me!

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