Journalist looking for recent cases of dangerous/abusive therapy

We have been approached by a journalist who would like to find people willing to speak out about their recent experience of abuse by a therapist for a potential documentary or news item on dangerous therapy. Contributors can remain anonymous.

Please let us know if you would like to make contact by emailing or by commenting on this post.


17 thoughts on “Journalist looking for recent cases of dangerous/abusive therapy

  1. I would be interested but it depends how “recent” it has to be…..

  2. Yes I would be interested… how recent ?

  3. my case wasnt recent but its relevant because my therapist had bogus qualifications and therapy is still unregistered. I have a friend who can also talk to you. Her abuse was more recent than mine and she is a counsellor. I am starting a pressure group to try and get therapy registered and would appreciate all help and comments

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I can give you the email address of the journalist if you send an email to Then you can ask her directly how recent she means and any questions or concerns you have. Is that okay?

  5. Hi, I’m having difficulty sending the e-mail to the e-mail address provided, could you have them e-mail me ?

    • Hi Rosemary
      I’m sorry I have only just seen this. Which email address is not working? If you send to my address above I am happy to forward it onto the journalist for you. Given the time of year though I imagine it might be a while until you get a response.

  6. Hi Rosemary
    I have forwarded your email address to the journalist.

  7. is this still current?

  8. Hi, If you remember you were going to try and see if anyone in the USA was interested ! Have you found any information ?

    • Hello Rosemary, I’m not sure who you are asking. I don’t recall anything about anyone in the USA. Did you mean me?

  9. To be honest I really can’t remember anything about this at all. I have searched my emails and haven’t found anything from the address you gave above although I did forward your email address to the journalist as requested. Please bear in mind that I regularly receive dozens of emails about therapist abuse and it would be impossible to recall every conversation. Perhaps you wrote under a different name?

    • Hi, I understand you receive dozens of e-mails…. so now I am asking if you know anyone interested in writing an article Re: Therapist Abuse here in the USA ? I did reach out to the journalist who was looking for cases of abuse… however it was only in the UK !

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