The World of Mentalists

Many people find it helpful to talk to a psychotherapist. However, NHS provision of talking therapies can be patchy, and has been hit by the cuts. For that reason some people have found themselves paying out of their own pocket to see a therapist. But how do you know that you’ll find a good one? A bad, or worse abusive therapist can destroy peoples’ lives. How can people make a safe choice?

Quick pop quiz for you all. What is the minimum qualification required to call yourself a psychotherapist?

Is it:

a) a doctorate
b) a master’s degree
c) a bachelor’s degree
d) a diploma/certificate
e) nothing

Did you get it right? The answer is e. There is no minimum legal standard to call yourself a psychotherapist or a counsellor.

It’s also not a protected title. My job title is nurse therapist. People often seem impressed by the fact that…

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