The World of Mentalists

[Guest post by D Osborne]

As someone who suffers from bipolar disorder while holding down a demanding job and doing a part-time degree, I’m often asked how I manage it. Surely I must suffer at least some problems, professionally, because of this illness?

My stock answer, in public, is that my illness does not prevent me from carrying out my professional functions or attending class. While this is true, it’s also a tad misleading.

I am able to handle the slings, arrows and chainsaws chucked at me by my vindictive affliction because I follow one of the principles of carpentry and always “cut to the side of the waste”.

Those of you who have taken woodwork classes will remember that first you carefully measure out your piece of wood  and draw a pencil line where you plan to cut with your saw. When you apply the saw, though, you don’t…

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