The World of Mentalists

There was a recent post over on Red Hot Liberal-On-Liberal Action which alerted me to the Inquiry into the Schizophrenia Label (ISL) , a research project that was set up in response to Professor Sir Robin Murray’s Schizophrenia Commission. Murray’s report gave 42 recommendations to improve the care of people with schizophrenia.

The ISL argues that the Schizophrenia Commission didn’t go far enough, because it didn’t consider the inherent validity of schizophrenia as a diagnostic label. They argue that it’s vague, not always related to the treatment given, and there’s a higher-than-average number of people from ethnic minorities, particularly black men, getting the diagnosis. They’ve conducted a survey of 500 people on the topic of schizophrenia, and indeed the wider term “psychosis”, which they intend to pass to NICE, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and other influential bodies. Their preliminary findings suggest that 80% of those surveyed found the diagnosis…

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