The World of Mentalists

I don’t actually follow much of the comedic work of Rob Schneider because…..well, because quite frankly I’d rather gnaw my own arm off. However, today a retweet alerted me to a foray by Mr Schneider into the world of immunology and psychiatry.




Oh, for crying out loud. It’s yet another parroting by yet another celebrity of the utterly discredited “vaccines cause autism” meme. After years of controversy and research, there’s still no compelling evidence that vaccinating your kids is likely to cause them to become autistic. It has, however, prompted a measles endemic in the UK due to children not getting their MMR jabs.

Just what is it about people like Rob Schneider, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey that makes them think they have the knowledge and skills to challenge medical professionals, just because they were in Don’t Mess with the Zohan?

Schneider’s repeated an associated claim…

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