6 thoughts on “Goodbye GSCC, Hello HCPC

  1. Down below the salt now, then! Have fun. 😉

  2. The HCPC is just another money making outfit. They have done little to help prevent non qualified people working in my profession and I doubt nt they will help social workers either.

    Oh yes we all dream of having a protected title but in truth, the HCPC are not prepared to start spending the many millions of membership fees on contacting offenders and shutting them down. In reality they care more for their ‘stake holders’ and striking off qualified members at the slightest hint that they may have accidentally touched a patients knee during a therapy session. Fortunately such behaviour is limited to a few cases as most of us behave in a more professional manner. The bigger problem is and always will be, non qualified people working a nd using our titles. The HCPC does nothing to prevent this however. Furthermore, the public have no idea who the HCPC are and in all my years of practice, not a single patient I have asked has ever heard of the HCPC, so what is the point.

    Contact the HCPC yourself and inform them about a local individual practicing without qualifications and see what they say. You will find the HCPC less than enthusiastic.

    I think it is a shame that the GSCC had to close, but I heard they were also paid to do so by the HCPC. Imagine how much revenue 60,000 social workers will bring in to the HCPC coffer pot evedry year, (almost six million pounds a extra). This along with the millions of pounds from the joining fees will be a big boost to their ‘stake holders’ dividend bonus. Then consider what they will do with this extra cash to help your profession. They have done very little for mine. Our chartered society monitors our qualifications, conduct and behaviour, striking people off and taking legal action against offenders. We do not need the HCPC, but their are many hands in many pies.

    Is there an alternative body social workers can join?

    As a Physiotherapist, we cannot practice in the NHS without being a member of the CSP (chartered society of physio’s) and in order to join the CSP we must have done a recognised qualification and as the CSP insure us and monitor us, taking legal action against members whp defalut on standards of care or practice, ‘why’ do we need the HCPC? WE DON’T is the truth.

    The only reason for paying them is to PROTECT our title, it is all we need them for, but they do not do this. If they only allow qualified members to join, then what else do they need to do?
    Although the HCPC is independant, they are no better than any other kwango set up to strip profits from our pockets, with no benefits to us. I worked in private practice for 25 years and never once did a single patient ask if, or who I was registered with. This may be a good reason to ensure only qualified people are able to use the ‘title’ and of course this would be great in an ideal world, but unfortunately, it is not and it is also unknown how the HCPC spend their countless millions every year, but in the real world, it is certainly not spent tracking down fraudulent non qualified individuals and preventing them from practicing. So what is the point of membership?

    As an example I am well aware of several non qualified individuals locally in my town who are practicing as private physiotherapists and sports phsyiotherapists, yet despite several complaints to the HCPC by myself and other local qualified physios, those non qualified individuals are still allowed to continue practising and using our so called ‘protected’ title. When contacted, the HCPC did nothing apart from say they will look into it if they have complaints from the public!!! Those people contiue to practice, damaging our reputation and undercutting our already meagre sessions fees by half price.

    So what is the point in memebership when they do nothing to stop illegal workers. In truth the HCPC does nothing to help professional qulaified members, but instead takes 100’s of millions of pounds a year from our pockets to persue the odd invasion of privacy case, in order to strike members off for lewd behaviour (fair doo’s) etc to make us think they are looking after us, when in actual fact they care nothing for us at all.
    They actually care more about their ‘stake holders’ dividends.

    Save your money social workers. I would personally rather continue to pay a one off fee to my governing body the CSP and be done with it and if the Social workers have any other option I would strongly urge them to take it, because the HCPC in many peoples view is a money making sham. Besides which, how many people are likely to set up practice and call themselves a ‘social worker’? And if they do, how many years wilkl it take for the HCPC to get around to looking into it? With all the millions they earn every year, I am sue they could do much more, but then the Directors on a million plus salaries each year and the stakeholders
    would probably lose out on dividends, and that would be sad for them. Those people practicing illegally as social workers will certainly not be allowed into public sector work as a social worker without the necesarry qualifications, so why bother with the HCPC?

    It is nice to think we are being protected, but in truth we are not protected by the HCPC and if you join the HCPC, expect little more than to pay your annual membership and then have to provide daft ammounts of evidence of CPD.

    If social workers can join an alternative organisation, they should consider doing so, the HCPC is just another money making outfit

    • Thanks for that. We actually don’t have any alternative. If we aren’t registered by HCPC we cannot practice in England.

  3. Good morning ermintude2. I hope things are shaping up better for your profession, with all the changes. Please feel free to remove my previous post, along with this one after you’ve read it. I’ve just gone over what I have written and besides being badly spelt, it sounds like a terrible rant. While I agree with everything I have put, I don’t think people need to hear such complaints at a time when things are already stressful, especially when, as you pointed out, none of us have any choice. Thanks all the same for allowing the freedom of speech and putting it on your site. On a more positive note, I would thoroughly recommend listening to ‘Take charge of your life’ an audio seminar on youtube by Jim Rohn, it really puts positive ambition into your life and helps with communication, so we can put our point accross ‘without ranting’ :0) Wishing you all the best. Cheers

  4. Hello, my name is Roberta, I’m 22 and I’m Italian. I studied Social Work for 1yr at the University of Portsmouth in 2009-2010, then I had to move back to Italy for major family issues, so I started a Social Work course in my home town University. During my year at the University of Portsmouth I got registered as a social work student on the GSCC register and I had passed my fitness to practise interview. I am about to graduate in Italy now butI would like to move back to the UK in September, therefore I would like to know if you know anything about what I need to do in order to get my GSCC registration trasferred into the HCPC register.
    Please, get back to me if you know anything about this, it would be extremely helpful!!
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Roberta,
    I am a student at the University of Portsmouth and I am just about to complete my final year, I registered with the GSCC in 2011, it doesn’t count for anything now. As long as you have passed your fitness to practice and your degree course, you can then apply for registration with the HCPC after your graduation. You don’t transfer anything over from the GSCC.
    Hope this helps!

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