Andrew Lansley Definition Competition

A few days ago I jokingly ended a post about our beloved Health Secretary with the words, “What a complete and utter Lansley.” Bristol Michael commented on this,

Could there be a competition to define a ‘Lansley’? The usual packet of Jaffa Cakes on offer as a prize.

That sounds like a gauntlet being thrown down. Some of you may remember the American comedian Dan Savage previously held an online competition to define the word ‘Santorum’ in resonse to Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s homophobia. If you choose to find out the winner by googling the word ‘Santorum’, I recommend you don’t do it from a work computer.

Leave your suggestions in the comments boxes, and vote on the suggestions you like by clicking on the thumbs-up icon. As this blog is used by professionals, please make your entries work-safe.

14 thoughts on “Andrew Lansley Definition Competition

  1. I’ll start the ball rolling iwth an entry of my own:

    “The frothy mixture of ego and political opportunism that is sometime the by-product of a general election.”

  2. I just couldn’t come up with anything worksafe…

  3. An institution-destroying, woman-hating megalomaniac

  4. Lansley (verb): ‘The act of implementing policy with a commitment that is inversely proportionate to the policy’s general popularity.’



  5. “A snidey, dangerous, incompetent and blinkered buffoon, who has a taste for ideological policy making”

  6. LANSLEY (n). Minor variant of the genus LANSLOID. A folly or other large erection standing prominently on unstable ground, liable to move suddenly and end up facing the opposite direction.

  7. A bird of prey or large congregation of birds of prey, (thus) an inhabitant of Lansley Buzzard.

  8. An acronym to be used in a forthcoming Bond movie, indicating the followers of a deranged politician who seeks world domination by killing off 90% of the populace by destroying their medical services.

  9. Andrew Lansley aka Lord Voldemort.

  10. LANSLEY (vi). To proclaim as true two or more contradictory things before taking morning medication.

  11. LANSLEY (vt). To destroy everything in sight.

  12. I was going to say puppet but I think a ventriloquist’s dummy might be more accurate. Then we could have (and probably will do anyway) Lord Lansley instead of Lord Charles?

  13. One who attempts to apply the socio-economic principles of the Red Queen in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to patient care: “Orf with their heads!”

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