#SpartacusReport – How the Government is Ignoring Disabled People

Today the Responsible Reform report was published, and it’s devastating in its finding. the government has utterly ignored its own consultations with disabled people on the proposed reforms to Disability Living Allowance.

4 We find that the Government’s response to the DLA consultation presented a highly misleading view of the responses it received. Overall,
■ 74% of respondents were against the proposals for PIP;
■ 19% had mixed views; and
■ Only 7% supported it fully.
5 We find that the consultation process did not meet the Government’s own Code of Practice on consultation. It was two weeks shorter than recommended and took place over the Christmas holidays. Crucially,
the Welfare Reform Bill was presented to Parliament two days before the consultation ended, meaning that
responses could not be taken into account when drafting legislation for PIP.
6 We find that the evidence does not support a 30% rise in DLA claims relevant to PIP as claimed by the Government throughout their consultation and Impact Assessments. The figure is actually 13%. These figures were not
made clear to parliamentarians as they debated the bill, despite a Government report being signed off in May
2010. Government are still using the 30% figure despite admitting that it gives a “distorted view”.

In other words, an utter farce of a pretence of a shambles of a whitewash of a so-called consultation.

Go read the report, write to your MP, tweet the #spartacusreport hashtag and sign this petition. Do it now.

3 thoughts on “#SpartacusReport – How the Government is Ignoring Disabled People

  1. Good post describing the government’s failed attempt to spin with fag packet numbers – wilful ignorance of anything upsetting like facts 😦

  2. How anyone can still claim to trust this pack of wolves is beyond me. This stuff just beggars belief – but then that’s precisely the point isn’t it. There’s nothing believable about the ConDem narrative whichever way you look at it.

    Foucault would have had a field day writing about this pack of wolves, the abuse of power and the bullying nature of corruption in high places.

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