This used to be a group blog looking at general issues in mental health, social care and politics, but these days it’s more my own blog, looking at how psychological therapies can be used and abused. My name’s Phil Doré. I’m a nurse therapist working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. I used to blog anonymously under the username Zarathustra, and a lot of previous posts appear under that ID, but these days I’m a lot more comfortable with attaching my own name to what I write. I blog and tweet in a personal capacity. Views are mine and not necessarily my employers, but they may hopefully become yours.

Over the years I’ve developed a particular blogging interest in cases where people have been abused by a counsellor or psychotherapist. Although I recognise that good, ethical use of talking therapies can transform lives for the better, I’ve also become very concerned by the lack of regulation in this field, and how that can allow all kinds of rogues to operate.

I’m available by e-mail at thus_spake_z at hushmail dot com. I also tweet at @thus_spake_z


In my spare time I enjoy hillwalking , travelling and doing voluntary work at music festivals. I have particular passions for Iceland and the Eurovision Song Contest. I write about these topics at Have Pith Helment, Will Travel.

Please do not post libellous, insulting or discriminatory comments. Any such comments may be removed.

Professionals commenting this blog are requested to familiarise themselves with the guidelines on social networking sites issued by their regulatory body (e.g. General Social Care Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council, General Medical Council etc) and to adhere to those guidelines.

Comments are not always moderated. Therefore I do not accept liability for comments by third parties. If you have any concerns or complaints about any content on this blog please e-mail thus_spake_z at hushmail dot com and I will attempt to address the issue.

Nothing on this blog constitutes medical advice, and this blog should not substitute for the advice of an appropriate healthcare professional.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. A friend just linked to your how not to use social media post, and I’m glad he did. This is an awesome site and run by HCPs. I’ve been pushing more nurses to test and experiment with social media so it is great to see a great example!

    Looking forward to having you in the my Reeder feed

    Rob RN

  2. I am just saying ‘hi’ because I have just subscribed to your blog, which looks really interesting by the way, and I look forward to reading your posts x


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